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Segway Switzerland

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rental station Interlaken

Opening of the first rental station in Interlaken


The first rental station for electric vehicles has opened its gates at a prominent location. Since April the base at the hotel Royal St-Georges on the Höhenweg offers a wide variety of attractive vehicles.

In addition to our guided Segway tours it is now possible to rent vehicles at our rental station on the Höheweg and to discover the region independently.


From military bikes to the Segways

Our guests have a choice of a variety of close to 40 vehicles at our base at the hotel St-Georges. Most of these are electric vehicles such as the Segway PT, the E-Bike or the E-Bikeboard. As a contrast to these modern and high tech vehicles there is the possibility to rent renovated military bikes of the type “Ordonnanzrad 05” and discover the surroundings by muscle power.


Renault Twizy, first four-wheel vehicle

We would like to welcome the Renault Twizy as first four-wheel vehicle in our offer. With its panoramic roof and no windowpanes the Twizy allows great nature experiences. The little speedster that drives over 80 km/h offers place for two people and can travel over a distance of around 80 km. The powerful electric motor holds its speed while driving uphill and charges its batteries thanks to recuperation while driving downhill.


Base at the Hotel Royal St-Georges

The hotel grounds offer enough place for sheltering the vehicles as well as for a complete instruction and driving lessons. No information should be left out during the instruction, even without accompanying guide. Traffic rules as well as Do’s and Don’ts belong to the instruction as much as does the handling of the vehicles. After a successfully completed formation, every guest receives her or his personal “Driver Card”, which allows her or him to rent a Segway PT in whole of Switzerland and in neighboring countries.


Segway Switzerland

Eichzun 4, 3800 Unterseen
Phone: +41 (0)33 442 80 00