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Segway Switzerland

Eichzun 4
3800 Unterseen

Phone: +41 (0)33 442 80 00

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Segway Robot Loomo

The intelligent companion for mobile support!

Finally the mobile and personal robot is available in Switzerland!

The developers of Segway, Intel and Xiaomi have joined forces and created a helpful companion for everyday life with the proven technologies.

Unlike other robots, the Loomo can be driven, can navigate by himself or follow. Enhanced robot functions are shown by the possible interaction thanks to microphone and face recognition function. The built-in HD and 3D cameras take photos on command or create great videos, if desired in wide-angle mode.

Use the SDK to personalize your Segway Robot Loomo and use applications to reach its full potential.

Use the smartphone as a remote and you'll have access to all its features. It also gives you the opportunity to see the world through Loomo's eyes. The robot also responds to voice commands, gestures and touch.

Support and locomotion, as we have wished for a long time!

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Segway Robot Loomo at a glance

  • Speed
    8km/h in robotmode, 18 km/h in balancemode
  • Range
    up to 35 km
  • Dimensions
    65 cm high, 31 cm long, 57 cm wide
  • Weight
    26 kg
  • LCD Screen
    11 cm, 480x800 pixels
  • HD Camera
    1080p 30Hz streaming with 104° FOV
  • 3D Camera
    Intel RealSense, ZR300 Camera for depth-sensing & motion tracking
  • OP. System
    Customized system based on Android 5.1
  • Processor
    Intel Atom Z8750, 4 cores 2.56GHz, x86-64
  • Storage
    up to 64 GB

  • Autonomous navigation
  • MiniPRO functionalities
  • Hardware expansion slot
  • Open source programming
  • 5 microphones enabling beamforming, voice localization and voice command recognition

Segway Switzerland

Eichzun 4, 3800 Unterseen
Phone: +41 (0)33 442 80 00